When creating a Frontcraft account, you may choose between two different plans, depending on your requirements. The features and limits of each plan is listed in the table below. If your requirements are exceeding the premium plan, you can contact us and we will work out a custom plan tailored to your needs.

Plan Essential Premium
Number of projects 3 10
Asset storage 10 GB free 20 GB free
Number of Dataset records 5000 free 10000 free
Inbound app bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Outbound app bandwidth 10 GB free 20 GB free
Compiler queue Default Priority
Support Basic Premium

Bots plans come in a montly billed version and a yearly billed version at a considerabely reduced cost.

Note that the storage and bandwidth limits are soft limits, which means that if the monthly resources are surpassed, additional usage costs will be billed at the end of the month at the following rates:

  • Outbound app bandwidth: €0.40 / GB
  • Asset storage space: €0.10 / GB
  • Database Records: €0.30 / 1000 records