The ads tab allows you to create advertisements that will be show at specified places within your app for a given period of time. To create an app, simply click the "New Ad" button and fill out the form. You can choose between a banner and a fullscreen ad.
Create an ad
Create an ad

Linking your ad in your app

In order to link your ad to your app, you have to create an “ad spot” first. There are two types of ad spots and they can be defined within the app editor.

  • The first type of ad spot is a component spot and can be used for banner ads. In the app editor, drag the “Ad” component into a page where you want a banner ad to show up.
  • The second type of ad spot is a page ad spot. It can be used for both a banner and fullscreen ad. Open the page in the app editor where you want your ad to show up. In the page properties, choose either “Banner” or “Fullscreen” under “Ad type”.

Once you have defined an ad spot, head back to the Ads tab in your project dashboard. The defined ad spot should now show up under the “Ad spots” subtab. To link your ad to the ad spot for a given period of time, simply press the “Create an ad instance” button of your ad spot and choose your ad and time period. Your ad will now be served to the given ad spot for all instances of your app. You can also link multiple ads to the same ad spot, which will result in alternating ads being shown.