A project’s dashboard can be accessed by clicking the project on the project page. From here you can open your project in the app editor by clicking the “Open Editor” button. The dashboard contains information about your project’s status, version, name, bundle id and more. It also lists a preview of your project’s pages. Clicking on them will open the specific page in the editor. Furthermore, the following settings and tools can be accessed in the project dashboard:

  • Versions
    Lists all released versions of your app and allows you to export your app.
  • Licenses
    Allows you to import your apple developer certificate and provisioning profile, required to test and release your app on iOS devices.
  • Stats
    Displays metrics about your app usage.
  • Feeds
    Allows you to create feeds and posts that will be synced with your app.
  • Notifications
    Create and send push notifications to all installed instances of your app.
  • Ads
    Enables the creation of advertisements for use in your app.