The Project page lists all of your projects. From here you can open or delete existing projects or create new ones. The lamp on the right side of a project indicates whether app services are enabled or disabled for that project.
Project overview
Project overview

Creating a project

The following information is required to create a new project:
  • Name
    The name of the project. This will also be used as the app name. However both project and app name can still be changed afterwards.
  • Description
    A description of your app. This will not be used outside of Frontcraft. Can be empty.
  • Default language
    The default language of your app. Additional languages can be added afterwards for multi-language support.
  • Bundle ID
    A Bundle ID uniquely identifies an app. This needs to match the id set in your apple provisioning profiles. Can be updated afterwards.
Create Project
Create Project

Deleting a project

A project can be deleted by clicking the trash bin icon in your project overview. You need to confirm the action by entering the project name. Please note that deleting a project is permanent and irreversible. After deleting a project, already published apps will still work, however they will not receive new content or updates.