The versions tab in your project dashboard lists all the released versions of your app. You can create a new version and release it. The currently released version is marked with a "Latest Release" tag.
App versions
App versions

Creating a new version

When creating a new version, you need to pass a version number higher than the latest created version. The current state of your app within the editor will be bundled into a new version. Some changes, such as app name, icons and splashscreen require native updates. This means that current apps can’t be updated using the built in Frontcraft update system. Instead you will have to resubmit the app to the relevant app stores. Once an app version has been created, it will be listed in the versions tab in your project dashboard. Here you can release the version, making the update available to all devices running your app.

Compiling and downloading an app

Once an app version has been released, you can compile app packages for iOS and Android. These app packages can be downloaded and uploaded to the app stores. Note that you do not need to resubmit all new versions to the app stores. Apps will be automatically updated to the newest version available using Frontcraft’s built-in update system. However any versions marked with the “Native Update” tag need to be resubmitted to the app store as they can not be updated through the build-in update system.